Friday, November 04, 2005

Tracy Wilde

Hello Worshippers! Please join me this Sunday, Nov 6th for a quick meeting (following 2nd Service). We will breifly discuss our new Small Group...designed especially for you! We'll meet approximately at 1:20pm in the Conference Room across from the offices.

Thanks for being so full of FAITH and FAITHFUL to the House of God.
Love ya-


Naphtali Fleming said...

Hey girl. Let me know when our next meeting will be. Oh and have SO much fun this week in D.C. Wish I were going with. Perhaps next month -- we can also head over to NYC.

Love ya!

Kailee Fjeld said...

Hi Tracy! I came to complete my assignment:). I'm excited about the small group starting up! It sounds like it will be awesome! See ya on Saturday. Love ya:)

Jon said...

high boyz and children