Wednesday, October 29, 2008


is there such a thing as too much OBAMA?! apparently his campaign doesn't think so. he has an entire channel {yes, the OBAMA channel} on the Dish Network and then apparently he thought flooding the airwaves with an infomercial would be the best way to get those undecideds.

my thoughts...if i was an undecided voter i'd be pretty sick of OBAMA and MCCAIN...but mostly OBAMA due to the very strategic publicity of the Democratic candidate.

don't believe there's overexposure. here's what i encountered in just one day in the District of Columbia.

not to worry i'll make sure to make it fair and show you the MCCAIN sightings as well...

6 days and counting...
political rhetoric, you will soon be gone and it'll be time to put action to all those fluffy words. I'm ready for that utopia you've been describing for almost 2 years! What?! It doesn't exist?!?! Gotcha...

Monday, October 27, 2008

frcuz {my word for bff/cousin}

my bff/cousin tir tir {kirsten} is here in dc with me doing some simplygrove work. we're having a blissful and humorous time.

our basic routine::::::
get starbucks
drive & scan the radio a million times
{fortunately we like the same toons}
drive again & continue scanning radio for good songs
shop somewhere else

eat {rock/paper/scissors to decide whether dinner will be sushi or cheeseburgers...sushi won}
drive & now loathe every song on the flippin' radio
get ice cream {pumpkin and chocolate chip for me//peppermint for tir tir}
get our work done
check email/blogs/fb's

funny quotes:::::::
kirsten:: i like that we don't have to talk at night before we go to bed
tracy:: i know, me too.......snore

tracy:: why do they call them shawty's{shorty}? its cute.
kirsten:: i like it
tracy:: me too, i want to be called shawty
kirsten:: i'll tell your husband

Song of the Day :: Jesse McCartney//Leavin' {dedicated to kirsten since she had to endure me singing it all day...thnx shawty}

Saturday, October 25, 2008

:::::::::::10 days

10 days from now i will gladly hear the end of the following words/phrases: change, yes we can, country first, maverick, joe the plummer, and many others. don't get me wrong...i'm an avid follower of political {especially presidential} campaigns and have very strong opinions regarding who i think is best to lead. but seriously, this one has been TOO long. it does appear that there is quite a vested and passionate interest in this 2008 Election but i'm afraid its hype will accompany quite a let down come nov 5. i mean...what on earth will cnn, fox, and msnbc have to talk about?! oh...they'll think of something.

whatever happens nov 4, GOD will still be in control, HE will still be the master of the cosmos and the ruler of world affairs. and whatever the outcome...the church gets the opportunity to show LOVE through our words, conduct and action. i'm grateful for divine establishment of government but my HOPE is in Christ and his earthly body, the church.

Song of the Day :: FOR YOUR GLORY//C3

Monday, October 06, 2008


have you ever had those moments of perspective that hit you in the gut or maybe across the face {depending on how stubborn and self focused you are}? well, tonight i had one of those. i jet planed again today to washington and was feeling a little sorry for myself..cuz i'm a bit tired and have a lot going on. i'm behind in my reading for my grad program due to travel and ministry responsibilities. annoyed with my whining?! apparently so was God. as i was trying to read a book i must write a paper on by the end of the week...i got contemplative. it happens quite frequently on planes for me. i've heard people say they love to climb mountains to get closer to God, so when i'm flying i must be really close to God. anyway, i began to see what a difference a year makes. i thought back to my life a year life is significantly different. its a year next week since Tennyson went home to be with the Lord, i wasn't in school a year ago, and i wasn't responsible for nearly as much in ministry a year ago. i sort of started whining again {via my journal} know like lament psalms David would have penned and then all of the sudden i looked up...there he was. a guy probably my age. barely having enough strength to walk to the front of the plane. his body obviously afflicted with the most abominable disease, cancer. he was pale, skinny, and bald but proudly wearing a yellow livestrong bracelet. i felt hit in the gut...perspective. my whining was embarrassing now. i sat in my seat quietly crying and praying for a young man who's name i'll never know...but who left a lasting impression on the girl sitting in 3A.

Song of the Day :: Hillsong//Stronger {dedicated to my new friend from Northwest Flight 1272}

Sunday, October 05, 2008

||thanks "loan dr"||

today after church i met my fam for some good ole' sunday afternoon lunchin' and i parked next to someone i'd like to introduce you all to....

meet the "LOAN DR"...

may i suggest you get a new license plate?! you might be the reason we had to get a $700 billion government bailout. how ya gonna fix this one doc?!?!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


i'm in portland this week for a pastor's conference...actually getting ready to head to the airport to head home before i leave again for washington. the conference has been great. pastor larry stockstill had two incredible messages that EVERY pastor should listen to and apply. all the messages have been impacting and i believe we've all received a great impartation. My uncle, Wendell Smith, just preached the he{double hockey sticks} out of us with one huge message on FAITH.

i'm a little sleepy and excited to sleep in my own bed for a few nights...and i'm super pumped to be with my awesome small group tomorrow.

ok...i guess this was more of a really long twitter message then blog post. but its my blog so i can write whatever my little heart desires.

and since i'm a tad bit "sleepy sue" i couldn't think of a single title except, "ok."

ok...i'm out.