Monday, October 27, 2008

frcuz {my word for bff/cousin}

my bff/cousin tir tir {kirsten} is here in dc with me doing some simplygrove work. we're having a blissful and humorous time.

our basic routine::::::
get starbucks
drive & scan the radio a million times
{fortunately we like the same toons}
drive again & continue scanning radio for good songs
shop somewhere else

eat {rock/paper/scissors to decide whether dinner will be sushi or cheeseburgers...sushi won}
drive & now loathe every song on the flippin' radio
get ice cream {pumpkin and chocolate chip for me//peppermint for tir tir}
get our work done
check email/blogs/fb's

funny quotes:::::::
kirsten:: i like that we don't have to talk at night before we go to bed
tracy:: i know, me too.......snore

tracy:: why do they call them shawty's{shorty}? its cute.
kirsten:: i like it
tracy:: me too, i want to be called shawty
kirsten:: i'll tell your husband

Song of the Day :: Jesse McCartney//Leavin' {dedicated to kirsten since she had to endure me singing it all day...thnx shawty}


katie henbest said...

awwww. you both are so lovely. and i love your long hair!!!

Jmae said...

Shawty! lol I will die in a fit of laughter when I hear your husband call you that! lol If it's public I'm sure people will wonder what y'alls deal is! lol
Oh-and your hair? Fabulous!

SimplyGrove said...

3rd best quote! "Hi there! Who are you???"
Love you sissy!!! We had one fun weekend!!

Anonymous said...

ewwwww... I hate when they call them "shawty" and I also can't stand that song!!

wow..sorry for the put downs!!

what I MENT to say is that I love you tons and am ready for your busy October/November to be over so you can come back home cause I miss you!

Love ya!!!

Kenziepoo said...

How fun...Wish the other Sissy and Kenz could be there!! Love ya

Kelly Wilde said...

whoa, hot momma!!! Your hair looks SOOOOOOO good sissy, if i do say so myself! hehe :) Can't wait for you both to return home... we miss you!

Anonymous said...

wow, what a rigorous work schedule you have. wish we all had to work so hard!