Wednesday, July 30, 2008

::i'm ready for

The problem with having your birthday the end of July and desiring clothes for gifts is this :: the clothes you want are FALL clothes. So, what's the problem you might ask. Well, this might not seem like an issue if you live in other parts of the US or World..but its a huge problem if you live in hot, dry Idaho. The likelihood of it cooling down around here or before the end of October is slim.

The problem is I got these beautiful fall clothes for my birthday and they're going to feel bad watching all the other clothes from my closet get time...while they just sit there.

My friend and I had a girls night out last night and went to the spa. When we got done with our massages, Jaime asked me if I fell asleep and I said, No, I was picking my fall wardrobe out in my mind. Jaime thought that was pretty funny.

Thought I would give you a glimpse into what I was imaging:::::::::::::::

A perfectly thin, grey Rebecca Taylor sweater {check out those buttons up the back}, a trendy pair of double knit black pants. Throw on some very hip cut out booties and a stylish bright bag....ahhh its fall!

Don't mind the models face..she scares me too.


add some colored raybans and a Frye boot in 'Cognac'

I'm ready FALL...come quickly! I long for the smells, the fashion, the colors, the coffee, the feeling!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

==what not to do==

i decided to do a cleanse...the easy kind, ya know...the simple pills not the nasty juice kind. anyway, i started yesterday and was noticing nothing seemed to be get my drift. so, i did what any mature 28 year old woman would do, i called "the mom." i explained that i felt the cleanse was just making me dizzy not "doing its job." my sweet mom asked when i had been taking the "pm" ones....and i froze. what did she mean by "pm" ones?! so i ran to the kitchen, opened the box of pills and realized...there are three sets of pills :: am, noon, and pm. i discovered i'd been just taking the noon sets for a day and a half. oops! tomorrow could be rough...if you know what i mean. wink wink

note to self and those reading :: make sure you read thoroughly before starting a cleanse.

Song pick of the day: Doris Day//Oops
{dedicated to myself}

Monday, July 28, 2008

::::Love Pt. 2

I very much enjoy Monday's...not only because its my day off which means I can sleep in, relax, do the things I enjoy, or simply get things done.

...I enjoy this sacred day off because it allows me the time to be with the one I love. There are two time/places which afford me the best opportunity with this love...37,ooo ft in the air while flying or my sacred Monday's. I have the most incredible and memorable God encounters while flying...I'm sure the person next to me thinks I'm an emotional wreck...cause I seem to become emo while reading His word and meditating on it as I look out the window at God's majestic sphere. I am not ashamed to say that I'm in love with His word...I hate it when we're apart. Its similar to how many of my married friends use Monday as their date day.

So, today on my beautiful Monday I went to Starbucks and sat outside with my ipod, Bible, very purposeful highlighters {i have a system}, my blue and black pen, a Joyce Meyer book, a notebook, an iced latte, and the very important venti ice water.

I began reading again about LOVE //1 Corinthians 13:4-7//

//Love is patient//
meaning I can't be in a hurry to even meet with God. A life marked by love means I'm patient with people, myself, and even with God's promises. James 1:4 says, So let it grow, for when your endurance/patience is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. Let it grow??? This means I can't skip the rough or hard times in life...because through them I get to the place of lacking nothing.

//Love is not jealous// doesn't compare; in fact, a person of love prays for others to be blessed! And furthermore, prays for others to have what YOU want!!

//Love is not proud or boastful// a person of love is ALWAYS reaching out...looking for ways to love, serve, benefit Christ's body. Because honestly...its not about us. Proverbs 27:1-2 reminds us that its all because of the grace...Don't brag about tomorrow, since you don't know what the day will bring. Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth--a stranger, not your lips. Just as easily as our giftings and abilities come...they can also be taken away. Love never looks down on others. My prayer is that I'd be so full of love that every person I come into contact with would feel: special, valuable, and built up! We must be humble, because proud people can't love people...its an oxymoron.

//Love is not rude// we must "put on love" Col.3:14.

//Love does not demand its own way// the nature of love flows out; it does not turn in. Let go of control and really believe Is 55: 9, His ways and thoughts are higher then ours. And pray the prayer of Moses, If it is true that you look favorably on me, let me know your ways (Ex. 33:13). Just trust God and love others.

//Love keeps no record of being wronged// Mark 11:25 believes this is what should be done with offenses: Drop it, leave it and let it go. Enough said.

//Love does not rejoice about injustice// Love hates craves justice for others! Matthew 5:6, God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied.

//Love never fails//

'Psalm' pick of the day {dedicated to all who ache for a greater capacity to love}

Tracy's Psalm
::sung to the tune of The Escapist::

Love is patient.
This love is kind.
It remembers no wrongs that would try and come to mind.
Because it endures all things...
Its the greatest test of mine.
It craves justice til the end of time.
Oh because of this sweet love of mine...
Love's nature flows out of this heart you find.

much love:::: t

Sunday, July 27, 2008

{Dear Rachelle and Kirsten...}

Song pick of the day: CeCe Winans and Whitney Houston//Count on Me
{dedicated to my 'Unheard Melodies' girls...Shell and Kirst, sorry I crushed your dreams by going to college...}

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Unheard Melodies is officially back together!!

This is the song pick of the night: Easter Bonnet//Unheard Melodies {dedicated to Ken Holsinger...because we wanted to bless you}

{{This is how we roll in B-town}}

Ok, I'm about to be super old so we decided to party in B-town...and we got it on the please enjoy.

Friday, July 25, 2008


So...I came into my office after having an awesome meeting with all our incredible worship leaders and this is what I found!!! A Happy "Almost" Birthday surprise! It sure made my day and made my office even could you not smile with the ginormous smiley face balloon?!?!

Thanks Stephy and Amanda for thinking of me...and giving me a pre-birthday surprise. Now, if you could only make me 5 years younger...ahhhh.

Song pick of the day: You Make Me Feel So Young//Frank Sinatra
{dedicated to Stephy DePold and Amanda Murphy for their extraordinary birthday surprise}

Thursday, July 24, 2008

::song of the day::

So...I kinda like music...lots of different kinds but I must admit that old school r&b (shout out tir tir) and black gospel music would be identified as my roots {if there is such a thing}. However, the end of music likes def doesn't stop there...but instead of divulging all my faves...I thought it would be more fun to let you know through my song of the day picks.

So...if you're lucky I may dedicate one to you if :: you do something extraordinary, your having a bad day and a "Tracy Song Dedication" would improve your mood, you do something or say something that reminds me of a good song pick, you inspire me {this one deserves a BIG dedication}, or I feel bad that your the only person I haven't dedicated a song to.

All in all...good times await us.

Today's song pick: Carman//The Champion
{dedicated to Derek Henbest for preaching off the charts last night at gcB and speaking on Contending Faith...Derek, just want you to know that you're a champ!}.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

||Guess what?! God actually likes you..not just loves you||

I've learned a lot about (and experienced deeper) the love of God this past year. I'm starting to realize that many Christians...forget seekers and non-believers for a moment...those who believe in the power of the cross and resurrection don't really believe or know that GOD ACTUALLY LOVES THEM...and furthermore...He kinda likes us too! Why is this such a difficult concept for the believer? Didn't Christ spend much of his ministry demonstrating and teaching about the love of His Father?!

Psalm 56:8 moves me...You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

I think God is a little bit interested in us when He records each tear that's ever fallen down the cheek of a rejected, broken, or hurting son/daughter. I love that about our God!

So...why is it so difficult to trust in God's unfailing love for us (Ps. 13:5)??? I think its partially because we don't really know who we are in Christ (this is a huge part) and also because we have domesticated God and mentally turned Him into human form. We're use to being hurt by those we love and when we yank God from His throne and forget He's the God of the cosmos...and instead we assume He inhabits our same level of understanding...then of course we cannot comprehend His unfailing, unconditional love. How could we???

This is why I think we do not love people effectively as we should. Why do we find it difficult to love and meet the needs of others??? I think we have to REALLY know God loves us first...before we can believe God loves others and that furthermore He would use us to demonstrate that love. Hmmm, perhaps it would be easy to live out Matthew 25:35-36 if we could just be confident in God's love for us....

Old school song pick of the Day:: The Winans//A Friend (this is dedicated to Tir Tir)


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

14 mins deep and nothing... i've been blogging for 14 mins now and i have no comments. that cuts deep blog world...specifically (ken, marcus, kirsten, jenn, jb, derek, marc, and keila). ouch....pull the dagger out and comment already.

3 wannabe cowgirls

Its time to rodeo...

This how we party in Idaho...

{I HEART Bondi...}

Judah at Hillsong

its blogging time

so...i'm trying to join the blog world because apparently i'm not fulfilled until i do. so stay tuned to all my ridiculous posts...i'm pretty sure it'll change your life.