Wednesday, July 23, 2008

||Guess what?! God actually likes you..not just loves you||

I've learned a lot about (and experienced deeper) the love of God this past year. I'm starting to realize that many Christians...forget seekers and non-believers for a moment...those who believe in the power of the cross and resurrection don't really believe or know that GOD ACTUALLY LOVES THEM...and furthermore...He kinda likes us too! Why is this such a difficult concept for the believer? Didn't Christ spend much of his ministry demonstrating and teaching about the love of His Father?!

Psalm 56:8 moves me...You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

I think God is a little bit interested in us when He records each tear that's ever fallen down the cheek of a rejected, broken, or hurting son/daughter. I love that about our God!

So...why is it so difficult to trust in God's unfailing love for us (Ps. 13:5)??? I think its partially because we don't really know who we are in Christ (this is a huge part) and also because we have domesticated God and mentally turned Him into human form. We're use to being hurt by those we love and when we yank God from His throne and forget He's the God of the cosmos...and instead we assume He inhabits our same level of understanding...then of course we cannot comprehend His unfailing, unconditional love. How could we???

This is why I think we do not love people effectively as we should. Why do we find it difficult to love and meet the needs of others??? I think we have to REALLY know God loves us first...before we can believe God loves others and that furthermore He would use us to demonstrate that love. Hmmm, perhaps it would be easy to live out Matthew 25:35-36 if we could just be confident in God's love for us....

Old school song pick of the Day:: The Winans//A Friend (this is dedicated to Tir Tir)



SimplyGrove said...

A friend, A friend, Friend of Mine! Woohooo

moma lee said...

thank God that His perfect love removes fear...and insecurity. i believe it!

.:meagan.rae:. said...

this is so good! and so true. i appreciate how you said that we "domesticate God." How often do we treat him like our cute little lap dogs (no offense to Aggsters!) :)So cute and loveable and loyal, but easy storage in their little crates when all He wants is to be with you 24/7. haha not nearly as eloquent but all this to say. AMEN. :)