Wednesday, July 30, 2008

::i'm ready for

The problem with having your birthday the end of July and desiring clothes for gifts is this :: the clothes you want are FALL clothes. So, what's the problem you might ask. Well, this might not seem like an issue if you live in other parts of the US or World..but its a huge problem if you live in hot, dry Idaho. The likelihood of it cooling down around here or before the end of October is slim.

The problem is I got these beautiful fall clothes for my birthday and they're going to feel bad watching all the other clothes from my closet get time...while they just sit there.

My friend and I had a girls night out last night and went to the spa. When we got done with our massages, Jaime asked me if I fell asleep and I said, No, I was picking my fall wardrobe out in my mind. Jaime thought that was pretty funny.

Thought I would give you a glimpse into what I was imaging:::::::::::::::

A perfectly thin, grey Rebecca Taylor sweater {check out those buttons up the back}, a trendy pair of double knit black pants. Throw on some very hip cut out booties and a stylish bright bag....ahhh its fall!

Don't mind the models face..she scares me too.


add some colored raybans and a Frye boot in 'Cognac'

I'm ready FALL...come quickly! I long for the smells, the fashion, the colors, the coffee, the feeling!!!


Kevin Davis said...

Ready for the fall - you obviously don't live in Michigan, it's frackin' cold in the fall, the sun disappears and we won't see it until April. But as for man-fashion, I love wearing jeans, everyday, all Fall/Winter long. So I'm kinda looking forward to that - but I will miss you sun.

Robin said...

Keep it coming...I might need to move you out of friends and over to my fashion folder on Reader! Love the sweater!

Keila said...

fall fashion - totally cool

smells of fall - glory!

coffee in fall - heaven in a warm lil cup


I love summer with every fiber in my being... so im not in a hurry!

Tracy Wilde said...

hey kevin. ya, you def have more intense weather then here in idaho so for that i'm sorry. but i'm totally with you with the jeans everyday! i'm on staff at my church and i'm grateful we're able to wear jeans to work. thx for stopping by my blog.

katie wilson said...

and i long for my wedding! Trace, it's all about me.