Friday, February 13, 2009

{transition wardrobe}

my winter to spring wardrobe obsession is a perfectly colored LOVE QUOTES scarf. its a perfect way to add some spring color to an otherwise dark ensemble. i just wish i could get every color. here are few to wet your appetite...

some of my gorgeous friends and i all wore our LQ's out on the town recently...

are you obsessed too??? go grab one at FANCY PANTS immediately!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

you couldn't write a better storybook ending for this years Westminster Kennel Club show. not only is this years winner {best in show} the oldest canine to hold the title, he nearly died five years ago and thus has been completely out of the sport for several years. there's just something about underdogs { pun intended, but that just totally worked}.

Read more about the 10 year old Sussex Spaniel, Stump here.

Monday, February 09, 2009

[the forecast]

the days of birds chirping, flowers blooming, eating lunch on patios, daily iced coffees, and long walks outside with agassi feels like a very distant dream. but instead of letting the weather discourage..i'm gonna embrace it.

REASONS why its AWESOME to have snow this week:
1. the Special Olympic athletes get a quintessential winter experience [many of the athletes have never seen nor touched snow before]
2. keeps idaho green
3. means the boarding season will continue and be epic
4. more time to work on achieving the summer rock hard body [oh wait..this would require me to work out..i'll get right on that]
5. allows more time for in-door projects [redecorating, early spring cleaning, re-arranging, obsessive organizing]

What are some of your reasons for why the snow is AWESOME??? don't be a negative eddie. nothings as bad as it seems.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


I conceded and read Keila's 25 Random Things and now I believe it is the GREATEST thing ever. hehe. Thanks for the shout out Keiks...Love ya!

Check out #25!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

[don't change your relationship status on facebook]

if you have a facebook you've probably received the "25 Random Things About You" recently. I've received like a trillion and I totally refuse to do it. so instead of adopting the chain mail...i've just opted out. Here are a few of my reasons...

1. no time
2. waist of time
3. NO flippin' time
4. does everyone really have 25 random things about themselves??? i think not.
5. i'm not that interested in 25 things...maybe 3

i guess i'm not the only one feeling this, check this out. oh and let this be a lesson to ya...don't fall prey to the Facebook Murder just keep your relationship status steady.