Monday, February 09, 2009

[the forecast]

the days of birds chirping, flowers blooming, eating lunch on patios, daily iced coffees, and long walks outside with agassi feels like a very distant dream. but instead of letting the weather discourage..i'm gonna embrace it.

REASONS why its AWESOME to have snow this week:
1. the Special Olympic athletes get a quintessential winter experience [many of the athletes have never seen nor touched snow before]
2. keeps idaho green
3. means the boarding season will continue and be epic
4. more time to work on achieving the summer rock hard body [oh wait..this would require me to work out..i'll get right on that]
5. allows more time for in-door projects [redecorating, early spring cleaning, re-arranging, obsessive organizing]

What are some of your reasons for why the snow is AWESOME??? don't be a negative eddie. nothings as bad as it seems.


Shana said...

You will never, EVER find me complaining about snow. When Brian and I got married we made a $10 bet that never in our marriage will I complain about snow. So far, I'm winning! I love snow!

Robin said...

I promise not to complain about the snow this I am basking in the sunshine of Southern California.

markfrancey said...

I agree with your 1-4 reasons. Im Definitely stoked out of my mind for the fresh pow on the slopes. We are due!

marc said...

who's eddie?

Renee Develle said...

Hi Tracy!
I'm not quite sure how I stumbled across your blog but I rolled my eyes about the weather when I saw the report this morning. Thanks for the exhortation! I've been looking for signs of spring for a few weeks now and it's definitely out there -- there are teeny, tiny, itsy-bitsy, almost microscopic leaf buds barely in the beginning stages of forming -- but they are there!! Wooo Hoooo!!! Spring time is coming! (I like boarding too, but it ain't happening this year. So, until then,I'll just cling to my hot coffee, take deep breaths and wait for the thaw.)