Thursday, July 24, 2008

::song of the day::

So...I kinda like music...lots of different kinds but I must admit that old school r&b (shout out tir tir) and black gospel music would be identified as my roots {if there is such a thing}. However, the end of music likes def doesn't stop there...but instead of divulging all my faves...I thought it would be more fun to let you know through my song of the day picks.

So...if you're lucky I may dedicate one to you if :: you do something extraordinary, your having a bad day and a "Tracy Song Dedication" would improve your mood, you do something or say something that reminds me of a good song pick, you inspire me {this one deserves a BIG dedication}, or I feel bad that your the only person I haven't dedicated a song to.

All in all...good times await us.

Today's song pick: Carman//The Champion
{dedicated to Derek Henbest for preaching off the charts last night at gcB and speaking on Contending Faith...Derek, just want you to know that you're a champ!}.


SimplyGrove said...

Hey Hey!!! Shout it out Old School!!!

katie wilson said...

my first instinct when i read the Carmen dedication was, "blech" - however, the shout out to D redeemed it for me! ha.