Friday, September 26, 2008

"It's On"

im sitting in the national prayer center in washington dc {specifically, on capitol hill} and feeling the weight of the world. today is one tense day here on capitol hill. the economy seems to be holding on only by a thread and we're waiting and more importantly PRAYING for congress to stabilize, what seems to be, an uncertain future for the monday markets.

these are the times we remember...GOD is solely in control. government is essential...but not our source, GOD is!

read pastor ken's blog to follow all that's going on in our nation's capitol...RIGHT NOW.

Song of the Day :: Queen//Under Pressure {dedicated to the "do nothing" congress, cuz they've got to "do something" by the end of the day} ;)


.:meagan.rae:. said...

i heart your comment "government is essential...but not our source, GOD is!" amen! :) And Pastor Ken's letter is definitely divinely inspired!

april said...

Wow. Intense blog. Good, but intense.

Anonymous said...

Great Post!!! Intensely powerful and insightful. Keep em comin!