Friday, September 05, 2008

[oh piper]

Piper Palin [Governor Sarah Palin's youngest daughter] takes care of her little brother.

My parents call her "little Tracy." Maybe its because she encourages her OLDER siblings to stand up when her mother introduces them. Oh little Piper...I know what its like. Don't let your siblings say your bossy. remember, they made you that way. Right, Krist and Rachelle?!


Robin said...

I almost fell off the couch with laughter when she licked her hand to smooth Trig's hair. She is awesome!

Check her out with Meghan McCain:

SimplyGrove said...

She has the best wave ever!! I could watch her cute little arm shoot straight in the air all day ling:)

Anonymous said...

I am voting for "little Piper". She is so precious! I could just gobble her up! Tracy, she is like you when you were little!!!! It makes me happy.

Kristi Jones

rachelle said...

I love it when she licked his hair!! So stinken cute!

Kelly said...

And Trace she even kind have has your hair cut! :) It must be a bob thing... hehe