Friday, August 22, 2008

..abbreves vacay rules..

"vacay tracy"

1 :: sleep til noon (MST time)

2 :: don't take a shower or get ready...brush teeth out of common courtesy for the other vacayers tho

3 :: wear uniform {same outfit or a version of the same outfit the entire time}

4 :: eat bad...

5 :: work out more than normal cuz your eating bad

6 :: read 6 hours a day

7 :: drink lots of coffee while reading 6 hours a day

8 :: listen to the same album on your ipod for the 6 hours you're reading, the 35 mins jogging, and the time it took to write this post

9 :: ignore the Olympics cuz your still mad at the US relay teams... Seriously...learn to pass the baton.

basically, this was my day...

Album of the day :: John Mayer// Where the Light Is (love the acoustic set..brilliant stuff)


rachelle said...

Love this, but the #2 one is kind of funny...Ummmmmm Sissy do you really brush the teeth??? hehe

Kelly said...

I completely agree and support these vaca rules. I have chose to abide by these exact same rules, however I have added one more..."when on family vaca, and sissy Tracy wants her hair done, I will be sure to give her a family discount, %20 off!" After all it is vaca... Don't worry sis, you can just pay me in those yummy lattes you make. I would like one at more door promptly at 9:30 am every morning! Thanks Sis you're the best!!!

jenn lee said...

i so appreciate this entry...these are the same as my vacay rules! miss you guys and so glad you get this time all to yourselves!

naphtali said...

this is the best! vacay rocks...and i'm totally with you all the way on the "staple outfit"!! my sisters always make fun of me, but it's a must! hope your vacay was amazing!!