Tuesday, August 26, 2008

planes::trains (well, ferries)::autombiles

12:15p Leave vacay for Friday Harbor to embark on my journey
1:00-2:05p ferry ride to Anacortes, WA
2:10-2:55p wait for airport shuttle bus
2:55-5:45p ride airport shuttle from Anacortes to Seatac (with four stops and one bus change)
5:55p check into Southwest and find out that your 8:15p flight to Boise is now 9:35p
6:05-6:20p walk through Seatac trying to locate a t.v. with the US Open on (result=NONE)
6:20p eat at Wolfgang Puck Express
6:45-7:15p get a massage in airport (why not?!)
7:20p buy magazine
7:25p buy chai tea and water at Starbucks
7:30p sit down watch Hillary's speech at DNC and get on computer
9:01p still waiting for plane
9:20p almost missed flight cuz I was so engrossed in writing this post (heard, "Would SW Flight 601 passenger, Tracy Wilde, please come to gate B8 immediately for departure). oops.
11:38p(MTN) after 53 min flight, land in Boise.

Are you bored reading about my day??? Me too.
I miss vacay...real life is way more work.


Kelly said...

Oh Trace, poor thing! What a long day! We sure miss you here on vaca.... wish you were still with us! Come back!!!!! JK, I know there's know WAY you will go through all that again... Love you!

Marcus Hackler said...

One of the things I miss most about Seattle were the ferry rides. Glad you had a good time!