Tuesday, August 05, 2008

:::::the plight of naturally curly hair.

those of you who have naturally curly hair like kei kei and i...you'll appreciate this video.


Keila said...

let our plight be heard!!!! =)

.:meagan.rae:. said...

"10 years of my life"
"i feel like my face is fat"

HAVE to be my fave quotes from this post!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

I love your guys' curly fro fros!!! hehe

Jillian said...

Thank You for expressing the life of curly hair! Not everyone understands the drama of curly hair! So I'm glad that you both expressed it so well.

Curly Hair People Stick Together!

SimplyGrove said...

Very enjoyable video of 2 gorgeous gals with 2 amazing heads of hair!!!!!!!

Kevin Davis said...

Some of us have what's known as receding hair, which means we'll take curly/straight hair - whatever we can get.

Anonymous said...

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